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Retrieving Medicaid invoices is a manual, time-intensive, and error-prone process.

  • Manual processes bog down staff, preventing them from focusing on high-value tasks like dispute resolution.
  • The number of invoices that must be retrieved and processed increases as you grow your business.
  • Processing Medicaid rebates requires numerous steps, which if not automated, increase the risk of human error.

The benefits of Model N Medicaid Automated Invoice Retrieval

Medicaid Automated Invoice Retrieval helps streamline Medicaid rebate processing.

channel management

Increased efficiency

Quickly and reliably retrieve Medicaid invoices and claims.


Reduced risk of non-compliance

Ensure consistent adherence to regulatory requirements.

channel data

End-to-end automation

Increase the accuracy of Medicaid rebate processing.


Improved margins

Decrease the likelihood of overpayments and disputed claims.



Easily accommodate new labeler codes and invoice types.

Increase efficiency with a technology-enabled service

Model N Medicaid Automated Invoice Retrieval reduces time-consuming, frustrating processes.

Automated file retrieval

Leverage proprietary technology to automatically retrieve Medicaid invoices and claims-level detail files.

Multiple retrieval sources

Automate retrieval across an array of invoices, emailed claims, and portals from states and third-party providers.

Simultaneous processing

Run multiple retrievals at the same time, 24x7 – increasing input productivity and processing speed.

Integration with Medicaid applications

Automatically load invoice files and into Model N Medicaid or any other Medicaid application.

Further streamline your Medicaid processes

Model N Medicaid Automated Invoice Retrieval integrates with Model N Medicaid to automatically ingest claims – even when there are changes in various state portals and/or locations.

  • Reduce time and money spent managing connections to state databases.
  • Ensure your processes remain up to date in the event of changes to state portals or specific data locations.
  • Remain compliant with deadlines.
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