Increase Revenue with Operational Precision in Medtech Pricing, Rebating, and Compliance

Medtech manufacturers are unknowingly leaking as much as 6% of their revenue due ineffective systems used to manage complex pricing, rebating, and regulatory processes. That’s as much as $60 million in revenue leakage for every billion dollars under management. 

Transform your top line with a revenue operating plan that creates actionable strategies to eliminate revenue leakage and compliance risk, while enabling profitable revenue growth in all channels.

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Price Waterfall Explained for Medtech

supply chain

The supply chain for medical devices is very complex and without proper management, medtech companies are losing as much as 6% of revenue in overpayments, fees, and inaccurate pricing. The price waterfall shows the elements that affect profitability between base to list price through a manufacturer’s pocket margin. Understanding the full picture is key to finding ways to stop revenue leakage and grow your top line.

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