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End-to-end revenue management solutions for Life Sciences


Global Pricing Management

Reference Pricing Launch Sequence Optimization

Global Tender Management

Bid Evaluation

Deal Management

Quoting, Pre-deal Analysis


Commercial (Contracts + Pricing)

Eligibility Membership Pricing

Compliance Validation

Regulatory (Gov + Medicaid)

Compliance Validation

Rebates & Fees Chargebacks, Accruals

Intelligence Cloud

Integrate to any CRM, CLM and API’s for leading cloud platforms

A scalable, accurate global pricing solution

With Global Pricing Management, you can track and govern prices, optimize launch sequences, simulate IRP events, and derive insights.

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  • IRP simulation
  • Proactively drive pricing policies by monitoring pricing and reimbursement events.

  • Price and sales forecasting
  • Improve performance with visibility into internal prices and competitors’ pricing trends.

  • Price controls
  • Increase responsiveness by efficiently responding to price change requests.

  • Global Launch Excellence
  • Create realistic launch sequences by combining accurate price data, volume forecasts, and optimization algorithms.

An end-to-end cloud-based solution for managing tenders

Model N Global Tender Management addresses all key stages in the tender-to-contract process.

  • Enables teams to configure the platform to match their local processes, while retaining global visibility.

  • Streamline preparation and approval processes through automated workflows and centralizing information.

  • Reduce unnecessary re-approval steps by putting only new data into the approval process.

  • Arrive at the most profitable offer by shaping bids using criteria based on the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) and competitive data.

Deal Management

Deal Management from Model N is the only solution that can provide Medtech companies an end-to-end global revenue management platform that ensures commercial excellence.

  • An integrated back-office system for membership management, distributor rebate processing, and accruals management.

  • Strategy Designer to provide the flexibility to address all current and future complex contracting needs without customization.

  • Integration with ERP and to provide “real-time” price and membership visibility with actionable analytics to field sales and National Accounts.

  • Ability to be the system of record for customer pricing while complementing your investments in other enterprise technology platforms such as ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems.

Commercial (Contracts + Pricing)

Model N’s commercial solutions manage the complex contracting process and help manage fees and rebates for pharma and medtech companies.

  • Model N’s Payer Management keeps contract documents in a single repository, so pharma manufacturers can navigate the complex requirements for formulary, market share, and price protection calculations.

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  • Model N’s Provider Management eliminates overpayments of fees and rebates in GPO, IDN, health system and local hospital agreements and provides visibility to customer commitment tracking.

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Regulatory (Gov + Medicaid)

Medicaid complies with government calculation and reporting requirements, translates strategy into execution, and optimizes business insights into ongoing operations. Government Pricing allows complex discount bundle situations to be reallocated through easily configurable rules, which is vital for innovative contracting agreements.

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  • Regulatory Update Packs (RUPs) ensure compliance with current guidance.

  • Flexible formula builder correctly calculates unit rebate amounts (URAs). Featuring 50 preloaded formulas.

  • Automated validations identify outliers in claims through aggregated or prescription-level utilization data validations.

  • Discount Reallocation Management (DRM) keeps customers compliant with the mandates outlined in the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA).

  • Intelligence Cloud
  • Make important business decisions that will help you succeed in life sciences today and in the future.

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  • Global Pricing Intelligence
  • Global Pricing Intelligence provides real-time visibility into impact of bid evaluation using predictive analytics and intelligence.

  • Global Tender Management Intelligence
  • GTM Intelligence provides advanced analytics, simulations and intelligence supporting pricing, commercial excellence, finance and supply chain insights.

  • Government Intelligence
  • Government Intelligence enables Medicaid analysts to generate self-service reports for rebates paid to different states for different programs.

  • Payer Intelligence
  • Payer Intelligence gives pharma managed care contracting and sales leaders access to rich contracting and utilization data through a centralized view.

  • Provider Intelligence
  • Provider Intelligence enables dynamic pricing and analysis capabilities and helps develop, monitor, and drive optimal pricing strategies by leveraging the wealth of revenue management data.


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