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National Technology Day: Women Leaders on How They Leverage Tech for Success

May 13, 2024

Sasmita Nanda, Director, Product Quality, Model N

How do you leverage technology to enhance your productivity & efficiency?

I start my day by organizing my home and office tasks, setting priorities, and creating reminders in Google Calendar for time-sensitive activities. For work-related priorities, I use Outlook to schedule tasks and meetings, ensuring I stay on track. When creating presentations, I rely on AI tools for design assistance, grammar checks, document generation for complex areas, and data analysis. I use Gantt charts to plan projects and JIRA dashboards to monitor progress on work assignments. I also keep a to-do list in MS OneNote, which helps me coordinate tasks with my Outlook schedule.

At home, I use a variety of apps to get everything from groceries to medicines delivered within 15 minutes. This convenience saves me a lot of time, allowing me to focus on work while managing my home priorities. As a leader in Quality and Test Automation, I stay updated on technical advancements using platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy, as well as other tech-focused blogs and groups like HBS.

Even while driving to the office, I make the most of my time by using voice assistants like Google Assistant to set reminders and alarms and listening to educational content on apps like Spotify or Kuku FM. Additionally, I use apps to plan my week, ensuring I have everything I need and can stay organized.

To manage all these aspects effectively, I aim for a balanced approach, using technology to boost productivity without becoming overwhelmed. I also schedule regular breaks to disconnect from technology, which helps maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Is there a specific technology trend that you are betting big on?

I’m betting big on Generative AI (Gen AI) because it has the potential to transform Quality and Test Automation. Gen AI can generate test scripts based on software requirements and user behavior patterns, reducing manual effort and allowing QA teams to focus on complex scenarios. It can enhance Quality Assurance by predicting defects through pattern analysis, helping prioritize testing efforts. It can also streamline project management by automating routine tasks and providing data-driven insights, leading to better resource allocation and project tracking. Gen AI is invaluable for documentation, generating technical content and reports quickly, and supporting knowledge management through intelligent summarization. In compliance and audits, Gen AI can automate compliance checks and audit trails, ensuring regulatory adherence with greater accuracy.

Overall, Gen AI’s adaptability, predictive capabilities, and automation potential make it a game-changer in my field, enhancing both quality and productivity.

This article was originally published on Women Entrepreneurs Review.

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