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How Did Seagate Modernize and Extend its Channel Partnerships

April 7, 2020

By Jim Holland, Senior Product Marketing Manager

What does it take to improve, modernize and extend your channel partner approach and what can you learn from one high tech companies journey?

As part of the Model N’s Rainmaker Live conference, Shane Quigley, Director of Business Operations at Seagate Technology shared their journey and how they moved from one channel data management vendor to Model N CDM improving data quality and better automating processes.

“We had another vendor doing our services for channel data management (CDM) and we came to a realization that we had to change due to complexity. Our previous vendor didn’t support the growth we needed with efficiency and speed that brings the transparency of data. The accuracy of data cleansing and processing in a timely manner became more critical” shared Quigley.

“We are launching different transformations with Model N to manage gross-to-net pricing and that included programs, incentives and rebates. The channel data management (CDM) part of this growth and modernization is the lifeblood of the programs, incentives and rebates” shared Quigley.

Seagate wanted to evaluate options to improve its revenue growth and modernization goals. “Seagate’s overall goal was standardize our end-to-end processes and to look at pricing, programs, earning, payout and performance. We wanted to have one end-to-end system with one data layer that is continuous throughout each of these processes to have easy visibility.” “Everyone is moving to near real-time as you can’t take forever to do this.” commented Quigley.

“Seagate’s selection of a new channel data management solution was extensive with five other vendors evaluated. Model N CDM has brought marked improvements in channel partnerships” confided Quigley.

To listen to and learn how Seagate improved the timeliness of receiving partner reported data to 98% and 96% completeness of transactional data, click here.

To learn more about Model N’s Channel Data Management solutions, go here.

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