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Extract Valuable Insights From Your Data

by Michael Grosberg July 23, 2021

Revenue management in the life sciences industry can be a bit of an undertaking to say the least. Companies need to have expertise in Medicaid, government pricing, commercial contracting, market access, the broader regulatory landscape, plus analytics and modern data technologies. If you’re a pre-commercial or emerging manufacturer, you may be struggling to find and retain experienced people with skills that span all these disciplines – especially given the global talent shortage facing the life sciences industry.

That’s where Model N Business Services comes in. Our deeply experienced advisors and operations team take vital revenue management functions off your staff, enabling you to focus on your launch strategy and growth. Using a multi-services technology platform, we uniformly apply pricing and contracting processes across your organization, increasing accuracy in claims processing, rebate calculations, verifications, and reporting.

By outsourcing your commercial operations and compliance functions, you may think that you’re giving up visibility into your data – the valuable information that can help you answer critical business questions. However, that’s not the case with Model N’s Integrated Business Insights.

When added to Model N Business Services, Integrated Business Insights (IBI) provides a single source of truth to support reporting, discovery, analysis, and decision-making. IBI is embedded into the same processing application that our analysts and operations team use for transaction processing and calculations. This enables us to deliver operational and management reports, as well as more in-depth data analysis, performance metrics, and visualizations to help you:

  • Detect potential compliance and pricing risks.
  • Better inform forecasts for fast-changing markets.
  • Understand and track trends and performance.
  • Guide your business toward new areas of profitability.

IBI was purpose-built to provide answers to the questions life sciences companies regularly ask about their data – without requiring heavy upfront setup, manual configuration, or error-prone spreadsheets. Along with the capability to build on-demand reports, IBI offers many industry standard reports and visualizations for Medicaid, government pricing, and chargeback data. And we update reporting and visualizations on a regular basis.

Avoid having to invest in hiring resources or managing technology. With Model N Business Services and IBI, you not only get expert government and commercial transaction processing, but you also receive the actionable business insights you need to support innovation and better business decisions.

To learn how Model N Business Services and Integrated Business Insights can help you run your business better on a day-to-day basis, schedule a 15-minute discussion today.

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