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Achieve organizational flexibility, so you can focus your attention on strategy

by Cindy Cerneka , Senior Director, Business Services, Model N March 31, 2021

Life sciences startups and new divisions within existing organizations often lack resources – time, budget, and skilled staff – to understand and stay ahead of ever-changing regulations and their impact on pricing and compliance. Unfortunately, this means preventing revenue loss within commercial contracts and mitigating risk of non-compliance can be constantly challenging.

Limited headcount is considered the top obstacle to reaching goals by 63% of life sciences leaders surveyed by The FDA Group.[1]

Model N can help you close these knowledge gaps and improve your commercial performance. Through a combination of access to deep industry expertise, process enhancements, and business insights – all of which are powered by state-of-the-art technology – Model N Business Services enables you to prioritize your headcount on research and development and strategic activities.

Our advisors and operations team enhance your staff, bringing deep expertise in government programs, commercial contracting, finance, and analytics gained by working in these fields day in, day out. Using a multi-services technology platform, our team uniformly applies pricing and contracting processes across your organization, increasing accuracy in claims processing, rebate calculations, verifications, and reporting. Additionally, because we are well-versed in the industry and current on all federal and state requirements, we can help you quickly and confidently respond to market, regulatory, and business changes.

According to the 2021 State of Revenue Report, 60% of life sciences executives are concerned that new healthcare policies will be introduced in 2021.

Transform your business and deliver life-changing products to the world

Avoid having to invest in hiring resources or managing technology. With Model N Business Services you get everything you need to run your business better and maintain a constant state of compliance:

  • Continuous access to industry experts
  • Consistently applied pricing, contracting, and analytics processes
  • Unprecedented insights into product profitability, trade relations, supply chain, and commercial contract effectiveness
  • Complete control of, and access to, your data

To learn more about how Model N Business Services helps you address issues related to knowledge gaps, inefficient processes, and data inaccuracies, schedule a demo today or learn more.

[1] The FDA Group. “The Life Science Quality Leadership Report & Benchmark.”

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