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New Forrester Consulting Study Confirms Improved Channel Data Optimizes Sales and Profitability

February 3, 2021

By Chanan Greenberg, SVP and GM, High Tech Products

In a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Model N, 211 senior leaders responsible for revenue management and channel strategy in high-tech manufacturing and B2B software companies provided their feedback on the state of channel processes, including barriers to optimizing sales and profitability decision-making, and what actions companies are doing to extend the effectiveness of their channel programs.

“High tech and B2B software companies continue to protect their margins and revenue streams. By integrating their channel technologies and processes through automated, data-driven programs, brands can safeguard margins and instill confidence among sales and channel partners in pricing, discounting, incentive, and rebating decisions. However, many find themselves unable to capitalize on this opportunity due to technology and data siloes and the lack of a common understanding of the problem” shares the new report.

While modern channel solutions exist, Forrester Consulting found that channel leaders lag on appropriate investment and implementation. In fact, 56% of companies rely on homegrown to partly manage channel revenue processes.

How can companies succeed in a competitive market while having reliable channel performance visibility?

The survey shows “rapid channel growth has forced many companies to hastily adopt a reactive technology implementation approach just to keep up. The result is an abundance of channel tools with overlapping functionality, which means disconnected data that is prone to duplication, errors, and inefficiency, causing the vendor-partner relationship to suffer.”

To read how your organization can improve its channel performance and the positive impact on revenue, download the free Forrester Opportunity Snapshot here. To learn more about how Model N can safeguard your margins and improve your channel’s data and performance, click here. To speak with a channel performance subject matter expert, go here.

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