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How to Use Pricing as a Competitive Advantage

June 16, 2020

According to a November 2019 study led by IDC and COMPTIA, the high tech market is valued at $5.2 trillion dollars with more than 67% of sales going through channel partners. Also, it was discovered that 70% of a high tech company’s revenue still comes from the indirect channel.

While this growth is happening, there’s something disrupting the market. Over the course of the last 5 years, how we interact with one another, especially through social media, mobile, and digital marketing, has led to a revolution where high tech buyers demand a more consumer like approach. Traditional B2B models that had a long tail approach to buying, are switching to a more B2C consumer-centric approach.

With this evolution and challenge, how can sales and pricing leaders use pricing as a competitive advantage?

Join Nikki Caruthers, Director, Solution Consulting at Model N as he discusses why one size doesn’t fit all in pricing and what effect inconsistent pricing and price erosion.

To listen to the complete webinar, go here. To learn more about Model N’s revenue and price management solutions, go here.

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