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Forrester Research – The Five Data Pillars of Successful Channel Sales

July 20, 2020

Jim Holland, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

In today’s economic climate, the challenge of growing channel sales takes on new opportunities and pressures.  For channel sales leaders, you need better and more consistent visibility into measurements of internal and external channel performance.

For B2B channel sales, information, reporting and insights require preparation that often engages with cross functional teams such as sales operations and data analyst.  While teams may be available to collect data and create basic reports, there’s limited detailed reporting due to inconsistencies with channel partners, their reporting and motivation.

What are the foundations of channel measurements and what should channel sales leaders consider?

In the Forrester Research report, The Five Data Pillars of Successful Channel Sales, they provide guidance into five pillars that channel sales should consider. The 5 Pillars of Channel Sales includes:

  1. Performance
  2. Profitability
  3. Partner Account Management
  4. Partner Portfolio
  5. Programs

Each of these pillars provides a foundation for channel success by improving data, analysis and usage in each category. The learn more and download The Five Data Pillars of Successful Channel Sales, go here. To learn more about Model N, click here.

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