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Forrester: The Five Data Pillars of Successful Channel Sales

Discover about the 5 key indicators and how you can introduce them into your channel sales planning.

In today’s economic climate, the challenge of growing channel sales takes on new opportunities and challenges.  While executive leadership is most interested in top-line growth, channel sales leaders can improve performance by introducing other key indicators to validate channel outcomes.

Channel sales leaders must have visibility into five types of information to measure internal and external channel sales performance.

What are the five types of Channel Sales information that have the most impact?

Forrester Research recommends 5 pillars to improve channel performance. They include:

  1. Performance
  2. Profitability
  3. Partner Account Management
  4. Partner Portfolio
  5. Programs

To discover more about these 5 key indicators and how you can introduce them into your channel sales planning, download the report today.

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