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What are the Foundations of Channel Resilience? – Model N Speaks at PPS Fall Event

October 19, 2020

By Jim Holland, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Today’s digital economy has created a heavy and growing reliance on channel partners worldwide. According to the World Trade Organization, “75% of the world’s trade flows indirectly through channels.” This staggering reliance increasingly requires more strategic thought and actions around global price management.  

As companies enter new markets using channels, they often experience new pricing challenges not seen with direct sales. Current price management and execution processes tend to be disjointed and include: 

  • How can we manage a unique product family or business unit process flows? 
  • How do we manage the inconsistency of regional discounting? 
  • What are the best strategies to manage go-to-market global pricing? 

Many companies have overcome these obstacles by creating new pricing processes to drive efficiencies as well as eliminate key siloes across systems. From these actions and changes, companies are proactively managing the price waterfall more effectively with global channels.  

Join Model N’s Nikki Caruthers, Director of Solutions Consulting as he shares how pricing, sales, and channel leaders can collaborate on new price execution strategies to overcome obstacles and what companies are doing to improve as global channels expand.  The session will also address:

  • What pricing challenges do global channels introduce and what can you expect?  
  • How can you improve margins through a unified price management strategy? 
  • How to gain efficiencies with industry best practices and known methods? 
  • How to eliminate rogue discounting with improved controls and guidance? 

For more information on the Professional Pricing Society, go here. For more detail and registration for the Fall Virtual Conference, go here. For more information on how Model N can help you build a strong channel foundation, go here.

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