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Model N Training Services

Education Packages Designed for Your Business

Model N University offers world-class instruction through multiple channels: in person, virtual (Webex) and online. Customers can leverage Model N University for learning product basics as well as advanced features to streamline implementations and increase user adoption. All Model N Instructors are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in both product and industry domain.

Experiential Learning

All product training courses include use cases, scenarios and demonstrations. Each student receives a dedicated training environment fully configured with the latest available release of our software. This allows students to work through exercises and activities designed to teach them how the product works to help them manage all business processes related to revenue management.

Life Sciences Courses

Model N Life Sciences courses focus on either pharmaceutical or med tech. The scenarios and exercises are relevant for each and cover both commercial and/or regulatory. Courses include (but not limited to): Revenue Enterprise Cloud Fundamentals, Purchase-based Contracts (PBC), Utilization-based Contracts (UBC), Revenue Intelligence Cloud (RIC), Pricing and Ad Hoc Reporting. Click here for a complete list.

High Tech Courses

Model N High Tech courses concentrate on how Model N REC can be configured to handle the complexities of revenue management within the High Tech sector. Courses include (but not limited to): Revenue Enterprise Cloud Fundamentals, Channel Management, Deal Management, Analytics, Sales Conductor and Model N Rebates. Click here for a complete list.

Flex Courses

Model N Life Sciences Flex courses lead you through the functionality for each of the main areas of the Flex Platform – Contract Manager, Revenue Manager, Medicaid Rebates, Government Pricing, and Validata. The scenarios and exercises prepare you to configure and implement the applications to suit your business needs. Click here for a complete list.

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