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Maximizing Revenue with Revvy Sales Application Suite

The only CRM tool for manufacturers.


Maximizing Revenue with CRM

The right CRM tool can make your sales organization become better solution sellers, capture every possible socket, win more designs, improve visibility into the channel and be more effective.

Revenue Leakage

Revenue Leakage: What is the Impact?

Reducing revenue leakage along the complex sales lifecycle can improve margins, eliminate channel overpayments an increase market share.

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NXP Improves Efficiency, Effectiveness and Employee Satisfaction

Read how NXP Semiconductor improved their win-ratio, reduced price erosion and increased employee satisfaction by 20% with a global revenue management solution.

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Let REVVY CPQ keep track of the moving parts

Let your sales people spend their time in the field talking to customers – not wasting time trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of complex products with lots of moving parts.

Putting together a quote for a complex or configurable product is simple in Revvy CPQ. Just select what you want from a list of options and add it to a quote. 

REVVY CPQ does the heavy lifting to make sure that all of the options are compatible and that all required parts are automatically added to the quote. The quote itself generates a sales bill of materials, so it’s easy to go from quote to close.

Download our Revvy Best Practices for Quoting Complex Products sheet to find out how.

Tired of hiring a programming team to code your product configurations?

Well, those days are over. Revvy CPQ makes it easy to create rules to control product configuration and to enforce your business policies. You don’t have to be a programmer to quickly add a rule saying that Option A only works with Option B but isn’t available with Option C. 

REVVY CPQ lets you put together configuration rules and immediately test them, so you can make sure that the product configuration works the way that you want.   

Download our Revvy Best Practices for Creating Configuration Rules sheet to find out how.

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