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Want to Know Why Rainmaker is the Most Anticipated Event of the Year?

By Katie Hayes, Content Writer, Product Marketing Life Sciences

Model N’s 14th annual Rainmaker conference is just a few days away and we’re busy making the finishing touches on our agenda. With that in mind, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works and so we’ve adapted the agenda to offer more technical-focused and user-specific tracks, in addition to our typical life sciences sessions. If anything, there might be difficulty in deciding which of the three session tracks to attend.  We reached out to a number of our sponsors, tenured customers, and new attendees from last year’s event for feedback and to gather suggestions on how they’ve taken full advantage of Rainmaker.

A first-time attendee to Rainmaker, Randy Ross, Senior Vice President of Managed Market Resources and moderator of the session, “Making Outcomes-Based Contracting a Reality,” had a few key takeaways that can be applied to his own customers. “The conversation that came out of the value-based contracting panel will let us work with our clients by helping them fully understand the issues and difficulties in that arena,” said Ross.

Value-based contracting is still very much a challenge for many manufacturers given inconsistent data collection practices from payers as well as difficulties defining a measurable result. Based on our survey we conducted in the fall, business and IT users are equally interested in learning more about value-based contracting. Be sure to attend the session on overcoming those operational challenges in value-based contracting at Rainmaker this year as well.

Each attendee is able to tailor Rainmaker’s agenda to meet their specific needs, participating in as many or as few of the sessions as they wish. For example, Ralph Lynn, Vice President of Pricing and Contracting at HighPoint Solutions, Rainmaker 2017’s exclusive global premier partner, primarily used the time to engage one-on-one with customers in the partner pavilion.

“We had plenty of opportunities to interact with customers, so I have high praises,” said Lynn. “The Rainmaker events are so much different than other industry conferences, which can be more academic and profession-focused.  At Rainmaker—in addition to the great speakers and industry content—much of the value is in making use of the networking opportunities with other customers who may be in a similar situation as you. The customers who take full advantage of those opportunities and schedules time with others to share ideas get the most benefit out of the event.” Similar to last year, we’ve built in breaks this year between sessions, giving you a chance to take a coffee break while meeting with our partners one-on-one.

Other participants also recognized the significance of utilizing Rainmaker as an avenue to network with peers in the industry. One Senior IT Manager said, “I’ve been attending Rainmaker for the past three years, and what I mainly get out of it is the network of companies that are facing the same problems and how we go about solving them. It’s really good to have a combined strategy in the market from a customer’s perspective.” It’s clear that though the event lasts a little over two days, attendees are able to apply that knowledge to their daily workflows, long after Rainmaker has ended.

Another new attendee to Rainmaker, Jeff Holbrook, a Business Analyst at ON Semiconductor said, “I’m new to the Model N application and have had a very limited experience just within our company. I’ve had a lot of exposure to other customers and have been able to share and sort of “get down in the dirt” with other people who are using the application. It’s been a great time learning and meeting new people. It’s really about a community of people who are having similar issues and working through them together.”

Our survey also indicated that both business and IT users agree that the best way to learn is by sharing tips and tricks, and what better way to learn than through the classroom-style user sessions. We’ve developed those sessions even further this year by introducing technical-specific tracks, curated especially for our IT users. From cloud implementation and security, testing seasonal releases via our RMaaS testing system and to forming a strategic business partner by leveraging IT, each of the six sessions in the technical track will be devoted to IT.

“Definitely come prepared with questions,” said Corrie Andreacchio, Senior Manager of Chargebacks, Contracts & Contracts Administration at Zydus Pharmaceuticals. “If you take the time to document in advance what you’re looking for, it might empower you within the sessions to ask those questions. In my experience, you get out of Rainmaker what you put into it. If you come prepared to network and that’s what works for you, that’s great, but if you are here to get key questions answered, you are in a space where you have thought leaders and product managers all in one space, so take the time to engage.”

Are you ready to engage with industry thought leaders at Rainmaker in just a few days? Be sure to register now.

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