SMART Technologies Partners with Channelinsight To Simplify POS Data Submission Process

SMART Technologies Partners with Channelinsight to Simplify POS Data Submission Process, Enhance Channel Partner Programs and Improve Forecasting Processes

Channelinsight, the experts in Channel Data Management (CDM) solutions announced today that it is working with SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT), an innovator and leading provider of collaboration solutions, to simplify the data submission process for its channel partners. The Channelinsight CDM solution simplifies timely data collection and accurate processing of channel sales data to improve program performance and ROI for its channel incentive and rebate programs.

SMART Technologies relies on point-of-sale (POS) data from its global channel partners in order to process incentive and rebate payments and to monitor inventory at the distributor level. SMART was challenged to provide their partners with a POS submission solution that would relieve partners from incurring costly administration time to reorder fields or make file adjustments before submitting their data. Channelinsight’s patented data management solution enables partners to submit data quickly and easily in any file format. Once submitted, Channelinsight’s fully automated systems cleanse, match, enrich and enhance the data so SMART can pay partner incentives and rebates accurately and on time. SMART was also challenged to gain real-time visibility in to volume of product in the distributor level; a critical reporting metric used in forecasting.

As a result of the implementation of Channelinsight’s cloud-based CDM solution, SMART was able to eliminate their legacy manual process and grow partners’ confidence in their promotion and incentive programs. Using a combination of proprietary technology and automation, Channelinsight solutions enable SMART to accurately pay out sales commissions, incentives, and rebate payments within 14 days instead of the usual 6-8 weeks experienced with traditional in-house or BPO-type solutions. Similarly, the Channelinsight technology is used to gain accurate insight in to inventory levels, thereby increasing forecasting accuracy and ultimately, production levels.

“Managing our channel partner data manually became too cumbersome for us to administer. The Channelinsight CDM application has helped us move from data collection to data analysis and action” stated Christine McGregor, director of business analysis at SMART Technologies. “This efficiency helped us simplify the data submission process and made it easier for partners to do business with us.”

Bob Smith, Channelinsight’s president and CEO, said, “Channelinsight’s automated CDM solution enabled SMART to automatically collect data globally and validate back-end credits much quicker and more accurately than previous solutions or their internal teams could deliver. We are excited that we were able to help solve this challenge for them and as a result grow their channel sales”.

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