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Sharp Imaging & Information Company of America Selects Channelinsight’s Channel Data Management Solution

August 10, 2014

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, has selected Channelinsight’s channel customer relationship management (cCRM) solution stack for real-time capture, processing, maintenance and analysis of its point-of-sale (POS) data, the companies announced today.

Channelinsight’s SaaS-based channel data management product, in conjunction with its partner management and professional services offerings, provides high-technology manufacturers with the ability to see, in real time, exactly what their channel partners are selling and to whom. Sharp Electronics chose Channelinsight’s solution stack to collect and analyze its channel data.

“Channelinsight’s channel data management solution gives us the data on sales bookings in real time and provides channel visibility to management and channel sales personnel. As a result, they are smarter going into a transaction, they are more aware of what each customer’s profile is and can make better decisions” said Dan Wynne, Director of Channel Marketing, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America.

Because Channelinsight populates all of a company’s cleansed and enriched POS data in, the channel business can operate with the same level of insight and accuracy as the direct sales business.

Cleansed and Enriched Channel POS Data: Big Data for the Sales Channel

Before the advent of channel data management a few years ago, technology companies relied on manual data crunching to gain a picture of what was happening in their indirect sales channels. Because they were often flying blind, companies had to make educated guesses about which distributors, resellers, retailers and end customers were most productive. Particularly difficult was visibility into sales as they occurred in the channel, for accurate calculation of channel commissions and recognition of revenue.

By providing up-to-date information on channel sales, Channelinsight’s solution stack significantly increases channel sales bookings within, allowing companies to realize sales as they happen – which translates to quicker revenue recognition.

“Channelinsight eliminates manual tasks and allows companies like Sharp Electronics to focus their efforts on decision -making analysis and strengthening partner relationships,” said Channelinsight President and CEO Bob Smith. “Our big data knowledge generates more sales bookings for the channel, which directly translates into more sales for Sharp Electronics.”

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