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Transform Channel, Rebates, and Quotes with Model N High Tech Winter ’16-17 Release

This winter, Model N gifts our High Tech customers with increased efficiency, improved scalability, and the unmatchable combination of our High Tech Revenue Enterprise Cloud (REC) and Channel Data Management. “We’re excited to announce the general availability of our newest release which includes substantial new functionalities that will dramatically improve how our high tech customers report and analyze channel data,” said Eric Carrasquilla, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Model N. Here are some highlights from the release:

  1. Transforming Channel Sales Network

We joined the most complete Revenue Management Cloud to our comprehensive Channel Data Management solution. As a result Model N customers can track contracts, quotes, and debits against high quality Point of Sales data which has been cleansed and enriched.

  1. Robust and Scalable Revvy Rebate Management

Model N Rebate Management has been enriched with a new Partner Portal. Customers will gain more coordination with their partners thanks to current and up-to-date program performance and earning metrics. We have automated an otherwise manual reconstruction of data to offer channel partners with actionable insights on earnings, benefits and payments to improve their validation process

  1. Improved Flexibility and Visibility Across the Price Matrix Lifecycle

Expect increased efficiency of creating complex contracts. We’ve enhanced RMC (Revenue Management Cloud) capabilities for contracts and quotes. Customers can define pricing attributes that evolve over time and by quantity.

“Model N is a key long term partner who has helped Diodes dramatically improve channel partner management. The new capabilities introduced in this release will help customers obtain POS and inventory data much faster and significantly cleaner through the integration of Model N Revenue Management with Channel Data Management. As a result, customers can gain more timely and accurate visibility into channel sales and inventory, while reducing overpayments to the channels and operational costs,” said Mark King, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Diodes Incorporated.

To learn more about the High Tech Winter’16-17 Release, please see our press release.

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