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Move advanced data analysis to the cloud and make better business decisions across your enterprise.

Faster, superior decisions with analytics as a service

The volume and velocity at which data is generated by real-world evidence, social and marketing streams, and channel data has skyrocketed. To make better data-informed business decisions, a new set of skills and tools is required making traditional investments limited in their capabilities to deliver value. Model N Intelligence Cloud allows IT and C-level leaders to move advanced data computations to the cloud. The solution is fully managed analytics as a service, making it easy and affordable to reach important business decisions without sizeable investments in infrastructure or application integrations. Model N Intelligence Cloud automatically scales, provides the security enterprises require, and complies with governance standards straight out of the box.


Revenue analysts, business analysts, data scientists and executives can make data-rich business decisions quickly and easily with Model N Intelligence Cloud’s extensibility, scale, and functionality:

  • Derive end-to-end insights with Model N Revenue Cloud data extended by ERP systems, syndicated data sources, as well as third-parties such as Gross to Net and Forecasting solutions
  • Scale seamlessly and affordably based on level of engagement with on-demand infrastructure
  • Improve productivity and speed of decision-making with powerful workflows that trigger actions at the point of decision-making
  • Gain peace of mind with in-built security and governance
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Easily and affordably make better business decisions with Intelligence Cloud’s self-serving features and ready-to-use capabilities that enable you to:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Stop deploying and managing separate infrastructure
  • Eliminate the need for new or additional hardware
  • Control costs when adding new users or growing data volumes
  • Scale functionality to process data prior to visualization
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The Power of Model N’s Intelligence Cloud

Intelligence Cloud is ready for the new set of analytics challenges that you face today. It meets your requisite security and governance standards out of the box, allowing you to make rich business decisions across your enterprise without making any sizeable investments in infrastructure or application integrations.

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