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Model N’s Quote to Cash delivers next generation Cloud solutions fully extended to cover your industry-specific business processes out-of-the-box. This offers unique advantages such as:

  • You can take advantage of industry-strength CPQ fully integrated with Contract Lifecycle Management and other Model N Cloud solutions.
  • If you are a Semiconductor or an Electronic Component Manufacturing company, Quote to Cash supports critical processes including registrations, design wins, matrix pricing, volume compliance tracking, and real-time quote/contract optimization.
  • If you are a MedTech enterprise, your Model N Quote to Cash process includes Global Tender Management.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline your entire contract lifecycle by creating and managing all contract types, including sales and service contracts, NDAs and SOWs, in a secure cloud-based solution designed for your on-the-go teams.

Deal Management

Model N Deal Management allows you to take control of both direct and channel revenue generation processes. You can now make informed decisions with a seamless solution for global pricing, quoting, and contracting, speeding up and optimizing direct and channel sales together, and adapting pricing and quoting to changing market dynamics.

Deal Intelligence

Deal Intelligence delivers real-time intelligence to Sales reps and/or approvers at the time of contract and quote creation. Your team can now get a deal score and easily compare the deal at hand across customers, products, markets, channels to be in the driver’s seat at negotiation time.

Global Tender Management

Maximizes revenue by optimizing bids and streamlining their governance while providing competitive and account insights.


With 75% of global sales coming through indirect sales channels, managing the channel and its data is the essential business insight into determining revenue growth, rebate payments, inventory control as well as analyzing the effectiveness of promotions and marketing programs.

To meet the challenges of growing top line revenue, maintaining strong partner relationships and ensuring partners and sales are compensated quickly, Model N is there to meet the challenge solving overpayments in sales commissions, rebates and incentives while knowing about lost sales opportunities due to incomplete channel data information.

Channel Data Management

Channel Data Management (CDM) brings intelligent insights, data granularity and consistency into the performance of your indirect channel. CDM automatically organizes, cleanses, validates, standardizes and enriches your channel data including point-of-sale (POS), inventory and claims. CDM meets the challenges of growing top line revenue, maintaining strong partner relationships and ensuring partners and sales are compensated quickly.

Channel Management

Manage channel inventory and pricing processes: design registrations, price protection, stock rotation, ship and debit, inventory aging, POS data tracking.

Rebate Management

Rebate Management enables organizations like yours to easily create and implement effective rebate programs to reduce upfront discounts, mask end-user pricing and increase bottom line. Rebate Management is ideal for companies such as High Tech manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), industrial manufacturers, and wholesale distributors selling a broad and complex catalog of products directly to customers and through channel partners.

Market Development Fund Management

Marketing Development Fund Management (MDF) provides your organization with the flexibility to track proof of execution, manage channel self-service plans and claims, and generate timely payments. The end-to-end process gives you maximum control of profitability for all your MDF and Co-Op investments. Model N MDF makes it easy for you to do business with your channel partners and align your goals with manufacturer objectives.

Channel Cloud

Channel Cloud provides unique channel management solutions for your industry. Receive high-quality channel data and see accurate near real-time pictures of channel sales including POS and inventory. With Channel Cloud, you will be able to manage incentives and Marketing Development Fund (MDF) programs increasing channel engagement and actual results while eliminating overpayments. Also, you can manage channel inventory accurately, from registrations and ship and debit to price protection.

Contracts & Regulatory

The Life Sciences industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and drug manufacturers are tasked with managing an unprecedented frequency, uncertainty and complexity of reporting requirements. A slight error in calculations can cause millions of dollars in overpayments, and on average, manufacturers have paid $7.35 million for a single overcharge penalty since 2012. In parallel, the Medicaid program has expanded over the last decade, with a growth of more than 50%, due in part to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Model N’s Contracts & Regulatory cloud suite applications provides manufacturers with the ability to easily comply with government price regulations, translate strategy into execution, and optimize business with insights into ongoing operations. By providing complete visibility throughout the entire contract lifecycle, Model N products ensure our customers have the resources and support they need to efficiently manage their contracts.

Payer Management

Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and risk of government non-compliance throughout the PBM and payer contracting process.

Provider Management

Maximizes revenue by reducing revenue leakage and risk of non-compliance throughout the institutional contracting process.

Government Pricing

Maximizes revenue by reducing risk of fines and brand equity damage by ensuring compliance with U.S. Federal statutes.


Maximizes revenue by eliminating revenue leakage and maintains legal compliance by ensuring accurate and timely claim remittance to Federal and State programs.

Model N BPI Gross to Net

Model N BPI Gross to Net combines Model N’s trusted transaction data sets with BPI Technologies’ sophisticated gross-to-net revenue recognition tools, enabling manufacturers to achieve complete gross-to-net visibility in near-real-time at every step of the revenue lifecycle.


As early as 2020, vast growth is projected to occur in the Life Sciences industry through increased pharmaceutical product launches, a higher average of prices resulting from clinically meaningful product efficacy and a significant growth of wealth in populations outside of the US. With only a 7% growth in the US, along with projections that global market share will decrease by 2.8%, manufacturers are further compelled to adopt a global lens, rather than focusing primarily on developed markets.

Model N’s Pricing applications enable customers to easily manage data in a single repository and maintain global visibility, ultimately lowering operational costs.

Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence leverages the end-to-end business transaction pricing lifecycle within the Model N Intelligence Cloud to quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends: 1) Spot at-a-glance margin and revenue issues in easy to use dashboards; 2) Drill down into issues and opportunities; 3) Identify root cause using the Price Waterfall and other tools.

Global Pricing Management

Maximizes revenue by enabling users to optimize and protect prices globally throughout the entire cycle of the product.

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