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Revenue Cloud for Semiconductors & Components


Automate 70% of Quoting and Pricing Transactions

  • Increase top-line revenue by 2-3% by reducing quote cycle times
  • Improve discount and volume compliance through step pricing
  • Improve visibility into design win tracking
  • Reduce channel incentive overpayments by 10%
  • Increase channel sales by 10% with near real-time visibility into channel sales and inventory data
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Product Solutions for Semiconductor and Components

Deal Management

Deal Management provides a global quoting, pricing and contracting solution assuring consistent discount and volume compliance driving 3% to 5% increase to top line revenue for Semiconductor companies.

Deal Intelligence

Deal Intelligence delivers real-time intelligence to Sales reps and/or approvers at the time of contract and quote creation. Your team can now get a deal score and easily compare the deal at hand across customers, products, markets, channels to be in the driver’s seat at negotiation time.

Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence leverages the end-to-end business transaction pricing lifecycle within the Model N Intelligence Cloud to quickly identify price, margin, and revenue trends: 1) Spot at-a-glance margin and revenue issues in easy to use dashboards; 2) Drill down into issues and opportunities; 3) Identify root cause using the Price Waterfall and other tools

Channel Data Management

Model N CDM automates the process of collection, cleansing, validation, standardization, and enrichment of data for your Semiconductor channel partners, such as POS, inventory, and claims.

Channel Management

Streamlines channel transactions for Semiconductor manufacturers with an end-to-end solution for design registrations, price protection, stock rotation, ship and debit, inventory aging in a highly scalable manner.

Channel Cloud

Channel Cloud provides unique channel management solutions for your industry. Receive high quality channel data and see accurate near real time pictures of channel sales including POS and inventory. With Channel Cloud you will be able to manage incentives and Marketing Development Fund (MDF) programs increasing channel engagement and actual results while eliminating overpayments. Also, you can manage channel inventory accurately, from registrations and ship and debit to price protection.


Rebate Management

Within Semiconductor, Rebate Management provides an integrated solution to manage your channel’s POS, Orders, accruals and payments for rebate types such as volume incentives, performance incentives, and lump sum discounts.

Market Development Fund Management

Obtain real time data on the statuses of MDF activity and claim requests while aligning your partner’s channel marketing with your corporate strategy.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline your entire contract lifecycle by creating and managing all types of sell-side contracts, including sales and service contracts, NDAs and SOWs, in a secure cloud-based solution designed for Semiconductors.

We Create Value for Our Customers

Revenue Cloud for Semiconductors & Components

Unlike generic quoting tools, Model N is the only solution built for the industry and adopted by leading Semiconductor and ECM companies. These Model N customers lead against the competition when it comes to pricing, quoting, contract, registrations, orders/POS, and channel inventory. The Model N advantage generates top-line revenue increases by 2-3%. Alignment across the revenue management process results in increased profitability while reducing, by up to 50%, the number of quotes requiring human intervention.

What our customers say

“Model N has become a true value to the individual salesperson. It helps them do their job faster, better, more efficiently, and more effectively. They like it, and that’s really significant”

Mitch Little

Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Microchip Technology

“Model N allowed us to raise the bar in how we respond to customers, made us more effective in the way we respond to customers, made us more capable in the way we price, and to avoid any errors we might make.”

Peter Austin

Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, NXP

“Model N is the heartbeat of ON Semiconductor sales operations.”

Randy Keadle

Corporate Pricing Manager, ON Semiconductor

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