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Revenue Cloud for Manufacturing

Maximizing Revenue for the Digital Manufacturing Revolution

Digital technologies collecting massive amounts of data, along with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, sensing technologies, visualization, robotics and the IoT are changing manufacturing. Model N Revenue Cloud empowers leading manufacturers to transform their business with innovations in products, packaging, pricing and delivery, while also leveraging investments in existing systems like SAP. With Model N companies are:

  • Using guided selling to quote complex bundled solutions that deliver competitive advantage
  • Saving time and reducing order rework with intelligent approvals and smart configuration
  • Reducing administrative effort and risk with end-to-end digital contracting
  • Introducing new business models like subscription, risk share and usage pricing
  • Aligning channels and corporate goals with effective rebate and MDF programs
  • Gaining instant visibility into channel inventory and performance
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Product Solutions for Manufacturing

Configure, Price, Quote

Reduce sales cycles while guiding direct sales and channels to error free quotes for complex product, services and software solutions that create competitive advantage. Shorten quote creation and approval times. Enable powerful new pricing models like subscriptions or usage, and maximize revenues for every quote with intelligent recommendations for upsell and cross-sell.

Contract Lifecyle Management

Simplify contract creation and management, while reducing review and approval time for all types of manufacturing sell-side contracts: sales, service, NDA and SOW. Model N’s secure, cloud-based solution reduces risk and facilitates collaboration across the company. Built-in interoperability with CPQ improves renewal rates and maximizes lifetime contract value.

Channel Data Management

Gain detailed visibility into channels sales with a highly automated solution that organizes, validates, standardizes and aligns channel data, including POS, inventory and claims. Reduce operational costs and eliminate over-payments, while driving more effective channels programs that quickly capitalize on market trends and maximize revenues.

Rebate Management

Align channels more closely to corporate sales goals and build more effective relationships with top performing partners to drive sales growth. Model N’s end-to-end automated solution simplifies rapid creation and roll-out of incentive programs, ensures accurate incentive accruals and payments, and eliminates manual processes to reduce operational costs.

Market Development Fund Management

Maximize channel revenues by reducing revenue leakage and operating costs for channels programs. Model N offers an end-to-end solution that enables partners to quickly define marketing plans within manufacturer’s constraints, provide proof of execution, make claims and receive notifications or status through an easy to use, self-service portal.

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Revenue Cloud for Manufacturing

Model N partners with manufacturing leaders to help reinvent their business by digitally enabling the sales process to increase speed, flexibility, and effectiveness from quoting through contracts and orders. Model N customers have seen quote creation drop from days to minutes, and have returned up to 40% customer face-time to their sales teams. Model N empowers manufacturers to rapidly innovate with new product and service offerings and with new pricing models while ensuring consistent interaction with every customer. Leveraging smart recommendations and machine intelligence, Model N solutions guide sales to error-free quotes that maximize deal value and increase margins. And Model N’s comprehensive channels solutions deliver manufacturers an unprecedented level of visibility and responsiveness to partners, expanding market reach and driving sales growth.


Digital transformation in manufacturing is often hampered by access to critical data and business logic that is locked in SAP systems. Model N Revenue Cloud solutions combine the latest cloud, mobile and social technologies with the ability to interoperate with core SAP technologies such as Financials, Pricing Procedures, Variant Configuration and Order Management. Model N enables manufacturers to keep SAP as a system of record and still drive innovations in sales approaches, solution offerings, pricing models, channel incentives and channel visibility without complex integrations or data duplication.

What our customers say

“Our objective for a CPQ solution was to make selling easier for our sales force and to ensure more accurate offers and quotes. We tested several solutions in an intensive selection process, and only Model N CPQ meest all of our specifications.”

Friedrich Krioss

CIO at Sesotec

“Model N CPQ has become a very valuable tool for the salesperson to have in front of them. It saves a lot of time. Sales is about relationships and if you are spending all of your time putting together quotes and doing research, you’re not building relationships.”

Tom Speas

Director of Marketing at Southern States

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