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With over 49,000 users across 100 countries, Model N Revenue Cloud is enabling business transformation in Pharma, High-Tech Manufacturing, MedTech, Semiconductor, and ECMs. Incorporating deep industry experience, Revenue Cloud’s built-in, industry specific capabilities empower our customers to drive growth and improve margins across billions of dollars of revenues.



Revenue Cloud for Pharma

Global sales of pharmaceutical products are projected to grow beyond $1.2 trillion by 2020, fueled by increased product launches, a rise in specialized products and orphan indications, and a significant growth in the population. From global product launch through contract management to government price reporting, Model N Maximizes Revenue at every step of the commercialization chain. Model N’s Revenue Management solutions ensure that global growth is achieved profitably and compliantly as the pharma landscape evolves.


Revenue Cloud for MedTech

Medical Technology companies are facing unparalleled challenges in the Revenue Management processes. Increased competition, greater transparency through use of tenders globally, and downward price pressures resulting from cost control measures are changing the way products are bought and valued. From managing price changes across the globe through generating winning bids and quotes to ensuring customer compliance to contractual T&C’s, Model N Maximizes Revenue at every step of the commercialization chain.


Revenue Cloud for High-Tech Manufacturing

High-tech manufacturing companies are in a constant state of transformation, moving from one generation of technologies and processes to the next in an effort to remain competitive.  This competitive environment has also led to a product lifecycle that is growing continuously shorter. This combination of pressures has decreased top line revenue and squeezed margins. To reverse this downward cycle high-tech manufacturing customers have turned to Model N Revenue Cloud to increase profit margins and improve top-line revenue throughout their entire revenue cycle.


Revenue Cloud for Semiconductors & Components

Semiconductor and Components enterprises adopting Model N lead their industry digital transformation by automating 70% of their quoting and pricing transactions across their end-to-end revenue management process. They set price policies taking into account channel, product lifecycle, geography, and other key dimensions, optimize their channel incentives reducing overpayments by 10%. They increase channel sales by 10% thanks to the near real-time visibility delivered by the high quality, on-time, complete channel data that Model N’s Channel Data Management collects on their behalf. Revenue Cloud breaks through the silos within different internal systems and across your multi-tier channel.

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