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Unstoppable Generics: A Guide for Manufacturers – Ebook

What Companies Need to Know to Navigate the Complex, Evolving Landscape

There is no doubt that the generics market will continue to experience significant growth over the next few years. But eventually, the queue of patent expirations for brand drugs will taper off. How will your company fare in this complex, evolving landscape?

With razor-thin margins and intense downward pricing pressure, growth and profitability can be elusive for manufacturers in the generics segment. As the marketplace evolves, there are several major points of concern for manufacturers:

How will you ensure accuracy of pricing and reimbursement processes to maintain profitability while working with razor-thin margins?

In the face of intense downward pricing pressure, what is your plan for maintaining or increasing market share? As the patent cliff effect dwindles, have you begun thinking forward to develop new strategies to drive market growth?

Download this eBook for insight into where the industry is heading and expected challenges along the way.

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