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CRM for Semiconductors: Five Ways to Drive More Revenue from Your Salesforce Platform


Your CRM solution should speak your business language and processes. But, many semiconductor companies struggle with a ‘one-type-fits-all’ horizontal CRM solution. Studies indicate that while 70% of these companies are unhappy with their choice, 50% companies observed a decrease in sales effectiveness after implementing their CRM.

We present you with a better solution: A CRM that was created specifically for the semiconductor industry — Model N Sales Conductor leverages all the functionality in Salesforce CRM, while providing capabilities designed specifically for semiconductor companies.

Download this co-branded eBook from Salesforce and Model N to learn how to manage more accounts, sell more products, and quickly start driving more revenue:

  • Rapid and enthusiastic adoption of the solution
  • 15% increase in CRM documented opportunities
  • 300% increase in CRM documented activities
  • Real-time quoting and approvals via mobile devices
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