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Best Practices for Channel Data Collection


Best Practices: Channel Data Collection

Partner data collection is the foundation of an effective Channel Data Management (CDM) program. And sometimes collecting that data from your partners can be difficult to accomplish. But without complete, accurate and timely data, your CRM or PRM program can’t provide you with the solid information you need to make critical business decisions that can help grow channel sales.

But channel partners (e.g., distributors and resellers) often hesitate to relinquish point-of-sale (POS) and inventory data to vendors and manufacturers. Encouraging them to willingly submit their data is the topic of this free 34-page eBook. The best practices covered in this eBook are based on years of experience collecting information from thousands of reporting channel partners worldwide.

Download This Free eBook and Learn:

  • Why partners resist relinquishing their data
  • Tips for onboarding partners
  • The value of a partner portal strategy
  • Using incentives to prompt data submission
  • The importance of regular partner reviews and scorecards

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