Dramatically Improve your Channel Data!

Increase your channel data accuracy to 95% or more without adding more manual resources to resolve data or partner issues and pay less. If you’re using something else for Channel Data Management, it’s time to look at what Model N can offer. 

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  • 1 Increase channel revenue by 3-6% due to improved visibility into market trends from more accurate and timely data
  • 2 Reduce rebate overpayments by 2-3% with more accurate & complete channel data allowing them to match claims data and quickly validate payments
  • 3 Improve sales rep productivity by 7-10% allowing them to focus on selling vs. chasing channel sales and inventory related issues
  • 4 Eliminate up to 12% of sales commission disputes improving channel experience and productivity

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Cambium Networks Reported 99% Decrease in Manual Intervention with Model N

“We now have an effective and measurable way to manage the channel. Model N’s CDM solution made us much more proactive in our approach to working with our partners.”

- Ron Ryan, SVP of Global Channels, Cambium Networks

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