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Switch to Model N Channel Data Management Now!

Increase your channel data accuracy to 95% or more without adding more manual resources to resolve data or partner issues and pay less. If you’re using something else for Channel Data Management, it's time to look at what Model N can offer.

Model N is the leader in cloud revenue management solutions that help you know and grow your true top line. We managed over $500B in revenue last year for the world’s most demanding growth companies. Contact Us today and get 1st year of MDF (Market Development Funds) free with CDM purchase.

Benefits of Switching to Model N

Learn why multiple top 50 high tech manufacturers have chosen to transition to Model N


Consistent Performance

If your channel data is consistently late, incomplete, low quality or needs manual intervention, you should investigate Model N CDM. The Model N solution delivers comprehensive data to customers hourly, daily and weekly.


No More Manual Work

Are you missing customer site level, addresses and end-customer classifications with your current channel data solution? Model N CDM delivers exceptional, granular data quality automatically.


Fully Integrated Solution

If you’ve experienced gaps in how your solution scales or customer support, you need to contact us. Model N CDM gives you a high performing and, end-to-end channel platform.

Digital City of Manhattan


Increase in Channel Compliance

"We now have an effective and measurable way to manage the channel. Model N's CDM solution made us much more proactive in our approach to working with our partners."

- Ron Ryan, SVP of Global Channels Cambium Networks


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Six Signs it's Time to Automate your Channel Data Management
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Case Study
Cambium Networks Case Study
Cambium Networks saw immediate improvements in their data integrity with Model N CDM solution. Learn More
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