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DataConnect Software Support

Channel Data Management Support

DataConnect is an easily installable tool that will automatically extract your sales data for a specific manufacturer, process and format that data to meet the manufacturer’s requirements, and send it to your manufacturer’s data collection portal.

It gives you:

  • A secure and automatic process that runs on a schedule configured to your needs
  • Control over what level of data you want shared with your manufacturers
  • Ability to apply business rules specific to manufacturer’s format and data portal
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataConnect?

DataConnect is self-contained software, installed on partners’ hardware and within your firewall, which will automate all or part of partners’ sales reporting process.

What are the system requirements?
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Virtual Windows machines and Windows Vista (with latest service packs)
  • Diskspace required: 10 MB + data files Additional diskspace if using QuickBooks® driver: 15 MB
  • RAM: 256 MB Requires Java 1.6 (will be installed with ChannelConnect installation if it is not already on your computer, requires an additional 65 MB diskspace)
Are there restrictions on the license?

Each DataConnect software license is restricted for use by the partner for reporting that licensed manufacturer only.

What is involved with the implementation of DataConnect?

Channelinsight will help you through the entire implementation. The process begins with a questionnaire that you complete. There will then be a kick off between you and your Channelinsight Customer Satisfaction Representative where Channelinsight will learn about your process to support HP reporting. If you are a fit for DataConnect, you will then install the ChannelConnect software from the Channelinsight DataConnect web site. Your Customer Satisfaction Representative will then help you configure and test the configurations. Once this process is complete, you will be able to go into production.

What resources are required on our side to implement DataConnect?

You’ll need two resources: A technical person who will install DataConnect and who will work with Channelinsight to configure and test and an accounting person who knows the data structure of your accounting system.

How is our data protected?

If you produce a file for DataConnect, then you control the content of that file. For queries against your database, DataConnect only requires “select” privileges.

Is there a cost?

Dependent on your license; your Customer Satisfaction Representative will assist you.

What is the software compatibility with our existing accounting package?

DataConnect is compatible with any accounting system running SQL Server or that has a JDBC/ODBC connection available to it. Currently we have a library pre-configured queries that integrate with numerous accounting systems and we have the expertise to assist with development for your system.

What if we upgrade our accounting systems?

Depending on the changes, this may require a reconfiguration of DataConnect. If you are under Channelinsight’s maintenance agreement, Channelinsight will provide support with this change. If you are not under Channelinsight’s maintenance agreement and require support, a incident-based charge will apply.

Does DataConnect need to be installed on the server running the accounting system?

In most cases, no. If DataConnect is configured to extract data directly from your accounting system, DataConnect just needs to be installed on a server that has database access to your accounting system’s database. If you are using QuickBooks®, it may be necessary to install DataConnect on the same machine where QuickBooks® is installed.

How are software updates handled?

Updates are handled through the DataConnect UI. The UI will let you know when updates are available and will give you the option of updating the software.

If I have additional questions?

Please contact for more information.

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