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Course Listings

Life Sciences Complete Course Listing

Course Code Course Name
LS100-OL Revenue Cloud (RC) Fundamentals-LS Online
LS101 Provider Management
LS102 Payer Management
LS104 Government Pricing (without DRM)
LS105 Medicaid
LS106 Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Compliance
LS107 Capital Contracts (Medical Device)
LS108-OL Revenue Cloud Ecosystem-LS Online
LS109 Discount Reallocation Module
LS110 System Administration and Integration
LS200 Strategy Designer Workshop
LS201 Building Cognos Reports
MN103 Global Price Management (GPM) – Business
MN103-OL Global Price Management (GPM) – Business Online
MN106 Global Price Management (GPM) – Admin
MN110 Global Tender Management (GTM) – Business
MN111 Global Tender Management (GTM) – Admin
MNA100-OL Intelligence Platform Fundamentals Online
MNA101-OL Provider Intelligence Online
MNA101 Provider Intelligence
MNA102-OL Payer Intelligence Online
MNA102 Payer Intelligence
MNA103-OL Government (Medicaid) Intelligence Online
MNA103 Government (Medicaid) Intelligence
MNA104-OL Global Price Management (GPM) Intelligence Online
MNA104 Global Price Management (GPM) Intelligence
MNA105-OL Global Tender Management (GTM) Intelligence Online
MNA105 Global Tender Management (GTM) Intelligence
MNA111 Validata Intelligence
MNA111-OL Validata Intelligence Online
MNA112 Government Pricing (GP) Intelligence
MNA112-OL Government Pricing (GP) Intelligence Online

LifeSciences Powered by Flex

Course Code Course Name
FL110 Revenue Manager
FL111 Advanced Membership
FL112 Revenue Manager – Chargebacks Only
FL113 Revenue Manager – Rebates Only
FL130 Medicaid Rebates
FL130-OL Medicaid Rebates Online
FL140 Government Pricing
FL141 Government Pricing Reallocation
FL142 Government Pricing Reallocation – Temporal
FL200 Revenue Manager Advanced Topics I
FL201 Revenue Manager Advanced Topics 2
FL115 RM/MRB/MDM Technical
FL125 Validata Technical
FL145 Government Pricing Technical
FL146 Government Pricing Reallocation Technical
FL165 Analytics – RM/MRB
FL166 Analytics – RM/MRB/GP
FL167 Analytics – RM
FL168 Analytics – MRB
FL169 Analytics – GP
FL171 Analytics – VLD
FL175 Flex Technical

LifeSciences Best of Both Courses

Course Code Course Name
BB110 Chargebacks
BB110-OL Chargebacks Online
IN100-OL Industry Network User Certification Online
BB210 Validata

High Tech Courses

Course Code Course Name
HT100 Revenue Cloud (RC) Fundamentals-HT
HT100-OL Revenue Cloud (RC) Fundamentals-HT Online
HT101 Administration Essentials
HT102 Channel Management
HT103 Deal Management
HT103-OL Deal Management Online
HT201 Application Developer Kit (ADK)
HT202 Advanced Pricing
HT202-OL Advanced Pricing Online
MN101 Sales Conductor
MN102 Rebate Management
MN202 Rebate Management Administrator
MN107 Market Development Funds
MNA100-OL Intelligence Platform Fundamentals Online
MNA108-OL High Tech Intelligence Online
MNA108 High Tech Intelligence
MNA109-OL Channel Data Management Intelligence Online

Manufacturing Courses

Course Code Course Name
MN104 Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
MN105 Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
MN108-OL Model N Author
MN109 Intelligent Approvals
MNA100-OL Intelligence Platform Fundamentals
MNA106-OL CPQ Intelligence Online
MNA106 CPQ Intelligence
MNA107-OL CLM Intelligence Online
MNA107 CLM Intelligence

Standalone Education Offerings Available for All Verticals

Course Code Course Name
TTT300 Training Strategies
Pricing and Scheduling

Pricing and Scheduling

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