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5 Ways to Stabilize Supply Chain Revenue Amid Global Disruption

May 12, 2020

By Jim Holland, Senior Product Marketing Manager

In a recent article by Chanan Greenberg, SVP and GM of High Tech Products for Model N, in Supply Chain Technology News, Chanan discusses the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains and how its driving another level of conversations in the C-suite.

Chanan shares, “High-tech companies, are already exploring the diversification of their supply chains amid increasing tariff pressures, and are continuing to look to the future as the need for diversification takes the global stage. While it remains uncertain when companies will invest capital in such initiatives, projects are in motion, and high-tech companies are planning for tomorrow.”

Greenberg continues, “Now more than ever, companies should be looking at ways to tighten up revenue operations to stay agile and be ready to bounce back when things return to normal.  In a recent Model N study, 89% of executives agree they are losing billions on revenue leakage due to poor controls over pricing discounts and volume compliance and poor visibility into channel sales and revenue performance. Yet an astounding 75% say they know they leave money on the table and do not know how to fix it.”

To read Chanan’s 5 recommendations to improve revenue managements impact, go here. To learn more about Model N’s solutions for improving revenue leakage go here. To learn have you can improve poor visibility into channel sales, start here.


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