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Webinar: Learn How to Drive Revenue and Channel Alignment

Learn about channel trends & predictions, practical strategies to build profitable growth, and ways that Model N can help channel leaders like you reinvent your 2019 channel plan.

Experts estimate that up to 85% of channel sales data is inaccurate and unusable. You are likely well aware of the impact that inaccurate and untimely channel sales data has on your revenues and margins. In this webinar, we’ll answer these strategic questions:

  • How can channel sales organizations dramatically improve channel data accuracy?
  • What impacts will timely data have on our revenues and margins?
  • What is the correlation between improved channel sales data and improved partner alignment?
  • And more …

Watch this On-Demand Webinar by Ron Ryan, Sr. Vice President, Global Channels from Cambium Networks and Model N to find the answers to these strategic questions and learn what differentiates forward-thinking leaders.

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