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Leveraging SAP in a Salesforce Environment with CPQ

Making Salesforce interoperate with SAP is often a painful challenge, involving costly custom integrations that are difficult to maintain. Choosing not to leverage your SAP investment in Salesforce is equally painful.

Right out of the box, Model N CPQ for SAP synchronizes with SAP pricing and SAP VC to use the data and business logic in SAP, natively in Salesforce. Using Salesforce, products in SAP will be configured and priced exactly as they would be in SAP. No custom integrations required.

  • Keep SAP as the system of record for pricing and products
  • Deliver SAP driven quoting native on Salesforce
  • Combine SAP and non-SAP products on a single quote
  • Create Solutions bundles incorporating products and services
  • Enable new pricing models as such usage based pricing
  • Return full functioning orders to SAP
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