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For almost three decades, companies have invested millions of dollars in enterprise solutions. ERP systems manage financial transactions, MES systems coordinate manufacturing and work-in-process, and CRM solutions manage customer information and interactions. All systems have increased efficiency and resulted in cost savings for the enterprise. However, when you look at the sales organization and how they manage channel partners and incentives, you realize that this group that is suffering from outdated processes.

It is estimated that a majority of channel sales directors are managing their partners and incentive programs via spreadsheets and reports from disparate systems.  As a result, the channel sales team is vulnerable to recording errors, outdated information, and delays in incentive payouts and overpayments to channel partners. Since the channel generates up to 60% (or more, depending on the industry) of a manufacturer’s annual revenue, investment in automating this part of the business is imperative to protecting an  organization’s profits.

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