X-Data for Salesforce CPQ

Empower sales reps to quote faster and more effectively by extending Salesforce CPQ with the ease and familiarity of Microsoft Excel®.

Boost Sales by Quoting in
Microsoft Excel

X-Data for Salesforce CPQ is an Excel-based solution that enables Salesforce CPQ users to manage their Salesforce quotes entirely within Excel. X-Data for Salesforce CPQ is easy-to-use and designed to help busy sales reps quote faster and more efficiently so they can close more deals. X-Data for Salesforce CPQ empowers sales reps to quickly and securely download, analyze, and update Salesforce quotes with a few simple steps.


Drive Sales Productivity and Adoption

With X-Data for Salesforce CPQ, sales reps can take their productivity to the next level by quickly and easily updating complex, multi-line quotes directly in Excel. Using pre-defined Excel quote templates, they can model deals, analyze profitability with charts, graphs and pivot tables, and even update quotes while offline. With X-Data for Salesforce CPQ, the ease and familiarity of Excel helps make user adoption by sales reps even easier.

Make Data Administration
Faster and Easier

With X-Data for Salesforce CPQ, data administrators can migrate data to and from Salesforce CPQ quickly with a few simple clicks. With the ability to access any Salesforce objects such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities, X-Data for Salesforce CPQ can save hours of data administration every month.

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Key Features:

  • Pre-built Excel template for Salesforce CPQ
  • Custom template designer
  • Centralized template management
  • Automatic change highlighting
  • Integration with any Salesforce object

Microsoft Excel integration that enhances Salesforce CPQ with the ability to model, analyze, and update quotes, even while offline.

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