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Maximize Revenue by deploying the only enterprise-grade SaaS solution, which enables you to manage your global Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access (PRMA) activity throughout the entire lifecycle of your products. Achieve seamless price governance. Optimize lunch sequences. Reduce price erosion

The Only Enterprise-Grade SaaS Solution that Integrates and Aligns All Pricing Processes

We provide:

  • Timely, accurate pricing information and collaboration processes
  • Insightful reporting and rich what-if scenario modeling
  • A highly-scalable, extensible and flexible platform that facilitates collaboration throughout global and regional pricing organizations
Global CPQ Chart

Your End-to-End Solution to Maximize Revenue

Realize better prices throughout a drug’s life cycle

  • Systematically consolidate, anticipate and share upcoming pricing events and risks
  • Project pricing decisions and their cross-market impacts
  • Determine best launch sequence and timing

Execute Pricing Strategy by More Effectively Surfacing Insights

  • Leverage the power of linked global teams to collaborate in real-time
  • Monitor price performance to identify risks and opportunities globally
  • Empower users to visualize data in custom and mobile reports
CPQ Downslope

Drive Better Business Governance

  • Provide a single source of truth for pricing and price rules
  • Eliminate unauthorized price changes with price approvals
  • Respond to pricing changes quickly and streamline government reporting
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