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Sales Conductor

Extends Salesforce Sales Cloud with purpose-built, essential capabilities for Semiconductor companies and Component Manufacturers to support their sales process needs.


Maximize Selling Time, Opportunities and Revenue Per Opportunity

Model N Sales Conductor extends Salesforce Sales Cloud on top of the Salesforce1 platform with purpose-built capabilities for semiconductor and ECM companies. With Sales Conductor, sales organizations increase top line revenue:

  • Increase top line revenue and productivity of Semiconductor and ECM organizations.
  • Capture every socket through solution selling  / cross selling across the entire sales ecosystem
  • Manage pipeline by identifying duplicate opportunities across channel and enabling opportunity transfer across partners
  • Improve revenue predictability by supporting sales requirements such as design registrations, programs, and forecasting.


  • Global Account Management: align sales teams and channel to manage target growth and design funnel
  • Extended Account management: complete revenue and POS data, account plans and customer roadmap alignment
  • Opportunity Management: manage all steps of the design stages; identify similar opportunities across regions and channels; create links to reference designs
  • Solution Selling: provide sales with real-time guidance to capture more sockets and increase cross-sell opportunities
  • Global Transfer Business: automate workflows to manage transfer business, linking demand and fulfillment opportunities around the globe
  • Design Registrations: create and track design registrations, approve them via workflow
  • Funnel Reports: generate timely, accurate and reliable funnel reports by consolidating direct and channel funnels
  • Lead and Sample Management: streamline lead qualification into opportunities and easily manage sample requests
  • Integration with Model N Revenue Cloud: enable full quoting, pricing, contracts, POS, and channel inventory processes
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Model N solutions transform the revenue lifecycle from a series of disjointed operations into a strategic end-to-end process.

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