Revitas Achieves Record Results with Focus and Investment in Client Success

Revitas, Inc. continues to demonstrate exceptional momentum in both the life sciences and commercial manufacturing sectors. For the past 18 months, Revitas has focused on a core set of priorities, including investment in its life sciences platform, expansion into new vertical markets, and delivery of new solutions, including a SaaS multi-tenant platform and comprehensive global offering. This focus, combined with a vigorous commitment to client success, has resulted in record sales and financial performance, and tremendous momentum as the company enters 2016.

Revitas currently serves all of the top 10 pharma companies and released its long-term platform for the life sciences industry in December, representing a significant investment in the foundational elements that life sciences clients rely upon. Revitas will provide continuous support and enhancements for this platform as well as future-proof solutions in recognition of the material investment clients make in its solutions. Revitas’s strategic product roadmap includes five new life sciences solutions and a SaaS multi-tenant solution that will be available later this year.

“We worked closely with our clients, partners, and advisors last year to develop our business strategy and remained highly focused on execution and delivery. The ultimate testimonial is winning new customers and seeing current customers adopt our new platform and solutions. Revitas has won more than 75 percent of the life sciences decisions over the past 24 months, and nearly 100 percent over the past 12 months. In addition, the majority of our large enterprise clients are implementing our new life sciences platform. Realizing this level of market acceptance is the best endorsement of our work, and provides validation that we have set the right course and invested in the right areas,” said Brian Madocks, President and CEO at Revitas.

For commercial enterprise clients, Revitas’s software solutions streamline channel and incentive management procedures so that companies can accelerate revenue growth, gain actionable intelligence, and improve engagement – essential competencies for complex global organizations in discrete manufacturing, chemical and natural resources, high tech, electronics, and other commercial industries. Revitas’s solutions enable clients to grow channel sales, eliminate revenue leakage, reduce the cost of channel sales, and improve working capital.

Those features attracted commercial manufacturing leaders like LG ElectronicsMatheson Tri-Gas, and Textron.

“As Revitas’s suite of products evolves, the company’s vision remains the same – to be the preeminent revenue, channel, and contract management solutions provider, and offer clients unique, customizable tools to elevate their businesses,” continued Madocks. “What Revitas achieved in 2015 was outstanding, but it’s only a preview of what’s to come as the company expands its leadership position in life sciences, cultivates new products and markets, and further establishes its presence as a world-class development organization.”

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