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Hello World!


Welcome to REVVY. Today marks a milestone on this journey of passion and creativity that a group of us from Model N decided to embark on. We set out with this question: Why should business software be so hard to use? Our personal and consumer experiences online are filled with intuitive and pleasing websites. I never read a manual or attended training to shop on, and I’m always amazed by the aesthetics of Both of these websites combine beautiful experiences with deep commerce functionality.

Well, we decided that we can do the same for business software. Thus REVVY was created. We took our cues from the best consumer and business software available. But that wasn’t all…business software needs to provide real business value. We asked our intended users what’s important and listened. We shared our prototypes and listened some more. We conducted user testing and listened even more. We took it all in and build REVVY CPQ.

So here we are, ready to share REVVY with all of you. And we’re still listening intently….

Hello world!

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