Companies are living, growing entities that need to develop and evolve like any other living thing. Introducing change is a necessary and productive practice that has limitless potential for growth.

Often, change is thought of as a risk that many are not willing to take. In fact, management for many companies may resist major change because they perceive the company to already be functioning efficiently. But, if you have a strong idea that you believe could benefit the entire organization, it’s your responsibility as an employee to bring your proposal to the attention of those with the power to implement it.

Change takes time, but when applied carefully and gradually, it can be incredibly successful as well as rewarding. When proposing new ideas, it is important to find the right time for change in your company, build a dedicated group of individuals who support your proposal, decide how best to communicate your ideas, and then call your superiors to action. Utilizing an organized change management system can provide the edge needed to convince your managers.

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