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Model N Selected as Silicon India’s Best Company to Work for 2020

May 5, 2020

Putting Employees at the Forefront of the Transformative Change


Simon Sinek, a renowned American author and a motivational speaker, once said – When people are financially invested, they want a return, but when people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. The aforementioned quote may appear just as a sentence for many, but for Model N it is not merely a sentence or quote, rather it’s a belief and key to achieving success. Not just that, people nowadays prefer a congenial workplace along with a good salary package, and to keep them aligned with the organizational vision and goals, it takes dedicated engagement programs infused with motivational operations in order to maneuver employees. Model N is one such top-tier software organization that embraces a unique culture of amalgamating its people with innovation, creativity, technology and empathetic leadership to inspire its employee population and to ignite transformation in the industry. Today, where most of the organizations focus mainly on the growth of their business, Model N stands apart by considering its employees in the first place.

Most recently, Model N has taken the Covid-19 outbreak very seriously since the company’s top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees and customers.  Model N quickly moved to a remote work model providing all employees resources and on-going support needed to do their jobs successfully anywhere they are located.  Company executives have embraced opportunities to engage with employees on a regular basis through Town Halls, All Hands Meetings and office hours to keep strong connections and communications with employees and to ensure that employees worldwide have the tools and information necessary to stay productive and engaged during this unprecedented time.

Model N & its Expertise

This 1999-founded, California-based company has its Indian base in Hyderabad, and is renowned for its best-in-class Revenue Management Solutions for High-Tech Manufacturing & Life Sciences Companies. Leveraging its unmatched experience in the segment, the firm offers a range of services that include Revenue Management, Price Management & Analytics, Contract Management, Customer & Channel Rebates, Configure, Channel & Inventory Management, Sales & Marketing Analytics and much more. These are the factors that clearly differentiate Model N from its competitors in the industry; but to be specific, what makes the organization so efficient and productive is its dedicated workforce that enjoys working in a friendly environment. “We promote a very vibrant, open and flexible work culture, which incorporates our core values in every aspect of work life. A very positive aspect of working at Model N is the clarity on strategic goals that are set each year. These goals cascade down to each employee and ensure alignment and commitment. When employees find meaning and have a strong understanding of what they do and how their work contributes to the overall success of the company, it is a strong driver for building loyalty, dedication and, ultimately, results,” states Laura Selig, SVP & Chief People Officer, Model N. Besides, the organization possesses a strong culture that improves the levels of employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

Dedicated Culture

Model N’s culture is driven by a set of core values called DARE (Dream, Align, Respect, and Excel), and the organization has been following the same since its inception. The company strives hard to recognize reaching for the ‘Dream’ that is innovation and sensible risk-taking. Model N believes in the ‘Alignment’ of the objectives resulting in the customer as well as employee satisfaction. Respect for individuals and diversity has been the topmost priority, and the firm enthusiastically welcome people with varying perspectives and different backgrounds. Last but not the least, the team at Model N is passionate about how they work and what they build, besides it strives hard to achieve excellence in both the journey and the outcome in all things the organization does. “Following such strong values, we have developed an excellent environment for our people. This environment is what enables them to thrive and grow their talents to full potential and provide meaningful work for our portfolio of globally prominent customers,” Says Laura.

Despite being an employee-centric technology firm, Model N is also renowned for its women-friendly environment. The company’s ‘Alpha Women Club’ is a representation of the women employees in the system and its around 32 percent currently. Talking about the privilege, Model N under its open environment offers various facilities to its employees including Work from Home and other flexibilities.

Making a Difference

Talking about communities, Model N is deeply engaged in various CSR activities throughout the year. The organization has a committee called ‘Samarthan – Small Deeds, Big Difference’. “As a part of this initiative, we have adopted a government school and we take an active part in providing breakfast for the school children,” says the leader. She continues, “We also ensured that the sanitation facilities improve in the school. We took care of their books, bags, sweaters and shoe requirements for all the 160 students in the school. The kids felt encouraged and the attendance went up substantially”.

Model N is a much desirable organization for talented professionals looking at building a future-ready, sustainable career in the software industry. On the other hand, the company also provides immense social activities to let its employees contribute towards the development of the society while enjoy a sense of fulfillment. What else does one need!

Key Management

Laura Selig – SVP & Chief People Officer

Laura is a dedicated and energetic individual with diverse experience and strategic acumen. She acts as a driving force that leads with contagious passion and delivers comprehensive HR functions.

Offices: North America, India and Europe

Offerings: Product Development, Global Customer Success, Customer Support, Education Services, Managed Services & Support, Express for Pharma & MedTech, LS Strategic Services

Employees Speak:

Rahul Kulkarni, one of the eminent employees of Model N, says “Reflecting on my accomplishments here at Model N I feel quite proud for all the contributions and work that has happened over years. I love the energy exhibited by team and the innovation that each individual bring in along with the transparency shown by management in sharing the employee feedbacks, company direction and growth. I am quite confident on the success of this organization given the wonderful working culture and an excellent and motivated team”.

Viji, a proud woman employee of Model N, says “Model N has a very friendly and a positively influencing work culture. Here, people respect each other for the quality of work one delivers and there is trust among fellow co-workers which interplays extremely well during tough situations. I attribute my growth to the different opportunities that I have been exposed to, and to all the supportive managers and wonderful team members that I have been lucky to work with”.

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