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Bring on the Rainmaker

“Organizations consist of two things. People and everything else.”

It is people in organizations, that drive revenue. With this bedrock and belief that our customer are heroes in their organizations, we established this year’s Rainmaker 2015 theme as “Revenue Champions”.

Over 300 attendees swarmed the historic Westin St. Francis HOTEL IN SAN FRANCISCO, a record growth over last year and participated in a symphony of information, insights and innovation.

The roster of attendees represented a cross section of the world’s leading and innovative brands. Bristol Myers Squibb, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, CirrusLogic, Microchip Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, ON Semiconductors, Intel, Fairchild, Microchip, Corning, Abbot Labs, Maxim Semiconductors, Novartis, Astrazeneca, Deloitte, Covidien, Highpoint, etc. were amongst the few, represented by their Presidents, CIO’s, Division CIOs, heads of pricing, contracts, finance and sales leaders.

Experts, thought leaders, industry practioneers, sports champions, business champions, revenue champions were amongst the many, that shared ideas on transforming businesses, maximizing revenue and impacting the top and bottom line.

Roger Craig, the only running back ever to record more than 100 receiving yards in a Super Bowl, was a key member of three Super Bowl Champion teams for the 49ers (1984, 1988, 1989) and a four-time Pro Bowl player. Roger shared insights on how to change the game, how to persevere and how do you transform from being at the bottom to reaching new heights.

Mark Garrett, SVP and CFO at Adobe shared insights on business model innovation, a revolutionary transformation of Adobe with three key insights around reading the tea leaves correctly, burning the boats and having utmost transparency.

Ron Huddleston, SVP of AppExchange and Channels at shared insights on trust and security in the cloud, data integrity and what companies need to consider when transforming to the cloud.

Attendees at Rainmaker have always been the trail blazers in driving and executing Revenue Management Cloud strategies within their industries. Revenue erosion, poor contract management, compliance risk, poor price optimization – contains seeds of business contraction. With $42M lost in the Pharmaceutical Industry per day ($11B per year per IDC) and $16B lost in the Semiconductor industry ($50M per $1B in sales per Aberdeen, Accenture, AMR Research Surveys) – Revenue Management Cloud applications are mission critical to maximizing revenue. In stark contrast, the leaders at Rainmaker have effectively recaptured millions of dollars in lost revenues.

In a recent survey by Model N, 95% of executives surveyed said that Revenue Management — an end-to-end strategic approach of managing every dollar that impacts the top-line of the business — is critical to the growth and success of their company.

There is a renaissance in Revenue Management and several organizations are moving away from the dark ages of using spreadsheets and custom systems, or no systems to manage their revenue, thereby leaving money on the table.
Key Takeaways:

1. Revenue Management Cloud solutions are mission critical to these businesses.

2. Current state is an illusory advantage. Your business will be transformed, read the tea leaves correctly and join the transformation.

3. Model N provides Revenue Management Cloud solutions but also a path, ie Revenue Management as a Service, to get to a fully deployed cloud solution.

4. Platforms, not point solutions are needed do drive the holistic view required from otherwise disparate, disconnected systems.

Perhaps one of the most important takeaways that inspired, energized and excited the audience was that – Rainmakers are Revenue Champions, the lifeblood of their organizations.


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