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Why A Revenue Management Ecosystem Will Be Your Next Disruption

February 4, 2020

By Jim Holland, Senior Product Marketing Manager

What does it take to accelerate your company’s revenue while disrupting markets? Does a place like “Revenue·topia (n) A place where revenue potential is realized” exist?

Many high-tech manufacturing companies have sought for Revenue·topia by investing time, funds, integration and resources only to be frustrated in trying to realize new revenue potential. Why?

Traditional revenue management is often the culprit. Due to silos, opportunities managed in CRMs that integrate with ERPs and finance have a disconnect. These systems lack a revenue continuum and cannot effectively accelerate pricing, quoting and efficient contracts in a single continuum. Couple this with a lack of real-time channel insights and your complete revenue knowledge has gaps that cause you disruptions.

In his post, How does high tech move from analyzing gross-to-net to managing it? Chanan Greenberg, Model N SVP, General Manager shared, “Organizations are facing significant revenue management challenges and have identified key areas to optimize. Companies in almost every sector of high tech manufacturing have shifted their systems paradigm and business application investments to enable managing the entire gross-to-net process of pricing and revenue in a single integrated platform.”

In the research Cornerstone of Future Growth, Accenture Strategy “surveyed 1,252 business leaders from diverse industries across the world to better understand the degree to which companies are capturing ecosystem opportunities. Accenture found companies are pursuing new business models to navigate, or even lead, disruption. Industry leaders are recognizing the power of ecosystems—a proven construct that can drive growth. Waiting is not an option when so many disruptions are taking advantage of this stepping-stone to growth.”

According to the Accenture survey, by percentage, in the next three to five years, ecosystems will create:

  • New competitive advantage (56% of those surveyed)
  • Allow companies to use data and analytics to better serve customers (50%)
  • Create new customer experiences (46%)
  • Drive innovation and disruption (44%)

To accomplish this, 63% of  leaders say technology is the most important thing to get right in an ecosystem.


How can a technology ecosystem make a difference for your company?

Model N has worked with hundreds of companies to help them achieve Revenue·topia. If you are looking for ways to create disruption and deliver a revenue management continuum setting you on the road to revenue paradise, click here.  To read the complete Accenture research, go here.

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