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It’s Time to Automate Your Channel Data Management – Part II

by Silas Phillips , Corporate Marketing, Model N July 19, 2017

This is part two of a two part series of blogs written to help companies know when to automate their CDM.

In part one of this blog series, “Should You Automate Your Channel Data Management? Part I”, we outlined the first three signs you should consider automating your channel data management.

Channel data management (CDM) is important to the overall strategy of any company selling through channels, so all avenues of improvement need to be explored. One way of improving channel data management is through automation, but like with any other type of process automation it needs to be done at the right time. And knowing when automation is viable for your company’s CDM is imperative to its success.

Your sales and marketing teams struggling to measure return on partner or channel programs, or your industry market share being unclear, is the fourth sign it’s time to automate your channel data management. If the results of a channel program are obscure and your organization is unable to assess its effectiveness, it’s time to automate. How can your company capitalize on channel program returns  if you don’t know when they happen?

The fifth sign is when a company’s software systems can’t scale with its rapid growth. The origins of companies often lie in humble startups and with those startups come novice systems and solutions. A common problem faced by companies is their homegrown solutions are unable to scale up to their increased size and scale of operations. Attempting to forcibly scale up your software systems and solutions can cost many man-hours and undesired inefficiencies.

The sixth sign is when your sales data fails to feed into revenue and rebate management systems. When manual data uploads or inhouse point solutions are used, even a perfect revenue management system can become crippled. Automation of channel data can act as the bridge between your channel sales data and revenue management systems, making sure critical data, time, and money aren’t lost in the river of manual labor.

Download our eBook “Six Signs It’s Time to Automate Channel Data Management” to learn more about each of the six signs, and how Model N can help you automate your channel data management.

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