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Three Ways CPQ Can Boost Sales Effectiveness

by Ali Dumar , Model N May 2, 2016

It’s safe to say that CPQ (configure-price-quote) solutions are taking the sales world by storm. The Salesforce AppExchange has a plethora of vendors each offering their own CPQ tool, and anyone who visits a Salesforce event will undoubtedly hear the term “CPQ” mentioned plenty of times. Amidst all of the buzz, it can be hard to discover just how transformative CPQ can be. In Model N’s ebook Six Strategies for Improving Sales Effectiveness Using Configure-Price-Quote, we explain how to use CPQ to dramatically improve the performance of your entire sales organization. These strategies will grant benefits that extend beyond just simplifying quoting (although CPQ certainly does a good job at that as well!)

As a taste of that ebook, here are three of those strategies:

  1. Make Sales Mobile
    It’s 2016— shouldn’t everything be mobile? Leading CPQ manufacturers certainly think so. A mobile-enabled CPQ tool allows your reps to produce quotes anywhere, at any time— even while meeting with their customer!
  1. Meet the Customers’ Needs Better Than Ever
    Every great salesperson wants to solve their customer’s problems, giving them exactly what they want— or even more. An enterprise grade CPQ solution can make this a reality through guided selling. Guided selling is a framework that asks sales reps a series of questions about the customers’ needs while they build the quote, ensuring that the customer is provided with the exact product or service they need. With CPQ, even your least experienced sales reps can match seasoned experts in customer satisfaction.
  1. Increase Revenues
    Sound like a stretch? It’s not. A great CPQ solution can be configured to recommend crossells and upsells that have worked in certain situations in the past, ensuring that your sales reps always go for the biggest sale they can make.  This increase in crossells and upsells will lead to higher revenues for your company!

Mobility, great customer service, and increased revenues are just the beginning. To read all six strategies for improving sales effectiveness with CPQ, download our free ebook today!

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