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Taking Control of Your Channel Revenue

by Silas Phillips , Corporate Marketing, Model N July 19, 2017

For the modern tech company, often the only thing standing between failure and success is strong channel sales. With today’s rapidly evolving global market dynamics and industry consolidation, keeping a competitive edge via channel strategies, whether in sales, operations, or finance, can feel like a Herculean task. But unlike Hercules’ twelve tasks, pushing your company back into the competition can be made easier with outside help.

There are many ways to take back control of your channel revenue, but an oft-overlooked method can be found by turning to your rebate programs. Rebate programs are considered essential to satisfactory business growth due to their contributions to a company’s top-line revenue. But without a central rebate management system in place, your rebate program will hang over your finance team’s head, possibly costing millions of dollars in overpayments. In fact upfront discount programs, which are easier to administer, are often chosen over rebate programs, saving a headache but potentially costing millions in incentive overpayments and pricing discounts.

However, implementing a successful central rebate management system is easier said than done, and your company may lack the time and tools necessary to create a solution that can meet your rebate programs’ needs. Instead of turning your back on rebate programs altogether due to complexities involved, or wasting valuable time building a homegrown solution, Model N’s Rebate Management solution can empower you to take control of your channel and revenue strategies while improving their effectiveness.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to learn how Rebate Management can help your business scale incentive strategies, avoid over discounting, and reduce revenue leakage. During this webinar, Gloria Kee, Product Line Manager will discuss:

  • The challenges of managing revenue in a global economy
  • The foundation of Rebate Management within the Revenue Management ecosystem
  • Overview of the Model N Rebate Management solution
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