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Salesforce CPQ Expands the Platform for Model N

May 17, 2017

Model N saw a shift coming in the IT landscape as companies started enabling digital transformation to enhance customer centricity. Over the last few years Model N has executed to our vision of CRM2 – the unification of CRM and Revenue Management – building on the Salesforce platform. Over the years, we’ve brought enterprise grade capabilities to the Salesforce environment through complementary Revenue Cloud solutions for pricing, quoting, contract management and rebates.

Salesforce has sought to foster a thriving ecosystem of applications built on the Salesforce platform, but occasionally Salesforce and their partners may find themselves in competition. Such was the case a year ago after Salesforce acquired Steelbrick to offer their own CPQ solution.

The initial response from many Salesforce partners was to react competitively by broadening alliances with Salesforce competitors like Microsoft. However, Model N took a dramatically a different approach.

We saw Salesforce Quote to Cash as an opportunity to expand the options for companies using Salesforce to benefit from the enterprise grade capabilities in Model N Revenue Cloud.  Model N designed solutions to work specifically with Salesforce CPQ. We have already launched three products that enhance Salesforce CPQ including:

  • Authoring – adds automated contract redlining and version control in Microsoft Word
  • X-Data – integrates Microsoft Excel into the Salesforce quoting interface
  • CLM – full contract lifecycle management integrated with Salesforce CPQ

Our spring 17 release included the Model N SAP Engine for Salesforce CPQ, a breakthrough enhancement for Salesforce CPQ that adds interoperability with SAP pricing and Variant Configuration for quoting in Salesforce. This solution eliminates the need for complex, expensive, custom integrations to extract SAP data and convert business logic for use outside SAP.

Learn more about this latest enhancement to the Salesforce platform in a new eBook “Leveraging SAP with Salesforce Quote to Cash

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