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Why Revenue Management in the Cloud is No Longer Optional

October 25, 2017

By Katie Hayes, Voytech Sudol, and Nate Taninecz, Product Marketing, Model N

Though the definition of revenue management is used loosely in many software companies to reiterate their dedication to their customer’s success, we often find that the message lacks credibility or even follow-through. Can it really be considered revenue management if you don’t have an end-to-end solution? Is it fitting to only offer revenue management solutions through a narrow, regional perspective?

Recently, Gartner proposed a number of suggestions for manufacturers in the market for a revenue management software vendor. While a few of the recommendations are apt, the guide fails to acknowledge that a move to cloud-based solutions is mandatory for a life sciences manufacturer’s continued growth and success.

Comparatively, IDC Health Insights offered their own expert opinion on the benefits of adopting SaaS solutions in combination with industry experience to maximize revenue. Although both articles offer interesting perspectives into revenue management and SaaS, as leaders in this space we wanted to contribute our own insights and worked with Pharmaceutical Executive magazine to produce an article for their October issue. Available in print for subscribers as well as online here, the article addresses the crucial components of a fully defined revenue management strategy.

For further information on what the experts are saying about revenue management, take a look at Gartner’s Market Guide for Revenue Management in Pharma and Biotech.

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