Intelligent Contract Management: You can have your cake AND eat it too!

In the 1990s, deploying sales force automation (SFA) solutions was all-the-rage; a decade later, it was customer relationship management (CRM).  Both of these trends faced the same initial challenge: end-user adoption.  After all, these were complex systems that required considerable end user input as well as extensive configuration and even customization during implementation.  Worse yet, these early systems often only benefitted the manager—not the end user. Thankfully, current SFA and CRM offerings have greatly improved.

This is the same story that has plagued enterprise contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions.  Historically regarded as extremely complex systems, they typically benefitted IT and contract administrators rather than the actual end user.   To combat this, the market has become flooded with a whole crop of user-friendly, SaaS-based CLM solutions.  So, the problem has gone away, right?


You see, there are two basic paths to improving user adoption of enterprise software.  The first is to really understand the user’s daily activities, what is important to them, how they think, work, make decisions and so-on.  The second path is simply to reduce the functionality of the solution so there are fewer items to configure, fewer features to learn and less clutter on the user interface.  This new crop of “enterprise” CLM solutions have chosen the latter approach (hence, the reason why I put enterprise in quotes).  True, some of these solutions are very easy to learn and use, but they have sacrificed a great deal of key functionality to achieve that level of user experience.

So, does this mean companies are stuck between solutions that are Easy to Use (but woefully under-powered) or Enterprise-Caliber (but complex to implement, configure and use)?

Not anymore.

Revitas spent the past year working closely with CLM experts and leading-edge clients to truly understand how to transform the contracting process for both expert and novice users alike.  A special team was formed and chartered with coming up with something that truly solves the CLM challenge, regardless of the technology used or amount of legacy code that is leveraged.

The result is Revvy Contract Management: Intelligent contract management made simple.

Revvy Contract Management uniquely combines true enterprise-caliber capabilities with a user experience that was designed from the user perspective.  This enables organizations to rapidly deploy and implement a CLM solution and realize immediate benefits instead of being “bogged-down” with poor end user adoption and skyrocketing implementation costs.

  • Speed… Thanks to its SaaS architecture, built-in Integration Marketplace and drag-and-drop workflow designer, Revvy Contract Management can be implemented in a matter of days.  So, you can say goodbye to the traditional 6-12 month deployment model for enterprise CLM.  With Revvy Contract Management, your users can be benefiting from the application in a few weeks, not years.
  • Ease… You want your field teams to be busy working with customers and partners, not tied-up writing or managing contracts, legal language, etc.  Users can request a contract and stay current on its status from beginning-to-end.  No more dealing with what the status is or which liability clause/language to use.  Revvy Contract Management takes care of all of that, giving precious time back to your sales team to build deeper relationships and close more business.
  • Intelligence… Contracts contain a wealth of information… but it’s only useful if you can easily access it.  Revvy Contract Management provides built-in dashboards and embedded analytics to help you identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities, evaluate or “rank” contract performance and track key milestones and obligations.
  • Compliance… Revvy Contract Management protects your business from financial risk through alerts to non-compliant terms; eliminating rogue contracting; providing reliable and timely audit trails; and safeguarding against involvement with restricted parties.

It’s amazing how many companies are managing one of their most important business assets—contracts—using pencil-and-paper or outdated spreadsheets.  If your business depends on NDAs, SOWs, MSAs, LOIs or any other type of legal agreement, it’s time you joined the best-in-class companies that are implementing enterprise CLM solutions.  And when that time comes, don’t settle for the “you can have your cake OR eat it” story.  Let Model N show you how Revvy Contract Management can transform your contracting processes and drive user adoption at the same time.

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