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Are You Confident That Your Digital Strategy Maximizes Revenue? Part 2

by Katie Hayes , Product Marketing, Model N June 30, 2017

Part 2: The Core Components of SaaS

Note: This is part two of a three-part series of blogs focused on Model N’s SaaS delivery model. Any business utilizing SaaS can expect the typical benefits—so what’s the distinguishing factor between software vendors?

In part one of the series, found here, we discussed the efficiencies and benefits SaaS platforms bring to businesses with a variety of different needs. Across industries, SaaS relies on three core components: the people, product, and software that provide a multitude of benefits. Companies looking to move to any SaaS delivery model in the cloud can expect regular software and security updates, increased flexibility of cloud capacity, and the ability to work from any device with an internet connection.

Other typical SaaS components feature scalability across similar systems and the cost-savings that are inherent to its subscription model. Businesses using SaaS experience these benefits—and more—though differentiation between vendors exists in the experts in charge of maintaining these systems. As these are basic tenets of any SaaS delivery model, companies are therefore tasked with the challenge and risk of ensuring that their data is placed in the hands of true industry experts.

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